Possible bug directory selections not being backed up

I might’ve found a bug, running Urbackup 1.1 on Ubuntu 12.10 (server side) Urbackup 1.1.1 on Ubuntu 12.10 (client side), Default directories to backup:

C:\Users;C:\Documents and Settings;G:\Backup;/etc;/opt;/home;/root;

All appears well on my Windows 7 boxes however on my Linux boxes etc and opt backup fine but /home/* and /root/* are not backed up.

Any ideas? Nothing obvious in /var/log/urbackup_client.log and nothing obvious on the server side.

After some aggressive (remove the client from the server) and remove the agent on the client side with a lot of rm -rf etc this seems to be working again. However I’ve not got this error for all the affected Linux clients:

"Errors 28.02.13 17:23 Error getting file “wwgqeqlgksheqnoethrrdcjcrxesmo”

During my re-compiling I also noticed in the packaged: /etc/init.d/urbackup_client
DAEMON=$PREFIX/bin/start_urbackup_client # Introduce the server’s location here

While the default compile behavior is /usr/local/sbin/ so I set things as follows:

DAEMON=$PREFIX/sbin/start_urbackup_client # Introduce the server’s location here

Being awkward I also set my base dir to /opt/urbackup/ at compile time, as such: sbin/start_urbackup_client needed some work as well to change the working directory. Maybe there could be some work done as part of the configure to make this a bit nicer if you’re not sticking to the default install?

Maybe that’s because of the mixture of Windows and Linux paths. You’re setting the directories only on the server? (Before that as well?)

And where did you find the client init.d-script ? ;)

Setting the directories on the server, both before and after. Maybe there’s a need to have group settings for Windows and Linux mahcines?

Found the init script in (my custom prefix) /opt/urbackup/etc/init.d or without prefix (default compile) /usr/local/etc/init.d/