Ports being used that aren't listed in documentation, preventing firewall from functioning

Hey there! I had a quick question, was hoping someone could answer.

My Network is Unifi, pretty standard stuff. I have started to firewall my IoT network from my Trusted networks to gain a little extra security, but I’m having an issue with UrBackup ceasing to function post firewalling.

My trusted devices (The ones being backed up) are on my default VLAN, while the UrBackup server is on my IoT VLAN. I have a Port Group configured in Unifi with the ports listed in the documentation: 55413-55415, and 35621-35623.

For my firewall rules, I have no rule blocking inbound connections to my IoT network, but I do have a firewall rule barring outbound connections unless they’ve been previously established. Then, I have a rule allowing any outbound connection explicitly from the UrBackup VM on those 6 ports to any device it wants. Finally, I have a blanket “DENY ALL” rule for connections that don’t meet my previous rules.

Theoretically, this should be enough to allow UrBackup to function without being blocked. However, for some reason my firewall is blocking these connections. I looked at Unifi logs, and it appears it’s attempting to use random ports to make outbound connections. The ports in question are 45660, 38076, and 54726. I’ve also seen 37880 and 39676.

These seem to be coming from nowhere, and its blocking connections to my UrBackup clients. What would these ports be coming from, and how could I allow safe connections through? I certainly don’t want to just blanket allow all connections from that VM, but then again if I have to I will. Thanks!

EDIT: I uploaded an example just below, let me know if I can supply any more information!

I’m hoping it’s okay to bump this, still curious as I haven’t figured out a solution yet. Thanks!

I’m assuming you have it setup to use internet mode on urbackup server and clients?

Yes, that’s correct. However, it doesn’t actually communicate over the internet, it’s still local. I have it this way to force clients to attempt to make connections, as my server is on another VLAN so the UDP broadcasts that automatically discover clients don’t work. I haven’t put an mDNS Repeater on my Network, and Unifi doesn’t have that functionality built in.