Port 55415 - port not listening

After adding the ports to the firewall, running a netstat -lntu I cannot find port 55415 listening and consequently my client is not online
Ports 55413 and 55414 are listening

That is correct. The UrBackup Server uses ports 55413 and 55414 to communicate with Clients on the LAN. Port 55415 is used with Internet mode which is disabled by default. If you need to communicate with Clients outside your local network segment you should first fill out the Internet Settings page, save the settings, restart the UrBackup Server service, and then check whether port 55415 is open.


In fact, having only tried Urbackup locally, I was unaware that I had to enable the Internet option, when Urbackup is installed on a public server and is used to backup other public servers
actually, after enabling the Internet option, port 55415 is listening, and the client is online
As always, it was enough to read the manual better
Thanks for the invaluable support

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