Plans to Support Legacy Windows Operating Systems?

I am so amazed the the comprehensiveness of the UrBackup software. I can say I actually feel fortunate to have come across it. I was going to spend LOTS of $$$ on paid products which do NOT do the job as well as this software does.

With this being said, I have several clients with legacy systems that also need to be backed up. Yes, I can use other products to do the job.

What are the key dependencies that prohibit UrBackup from running on older systems? I imagine it’s something like a shadow copy service, Visual Studio runtime?

Again, I am grateful for the OUTSTANDING work I see in this product even though, it feels like it’s still somewhat in a “post-beta” stage. THANK YOU.

Define “legacy systems” and there age / versions?

By legacy, i meant Windows 7, 8, & 8.1. Since I posted this question, I have gotten enough of a work-around that is reliably working, so I think I might drop the issue for the moment. But, there are a number of businesses that are still using older versions of Windows that end up always being the MOST important to keep a backup of. As I said in my OP, and it is still true, the software seems to handle backup tasks so well that I feel I have enough of a work-around to not have to go for an “officially supported” version that will also handle pre-Windows 10 versions.

I agree, maybe Windows XP, 7, 8 as they technically would not require updates to the clients as the OS shouldn’t change. I am not sure its possible with how Microsoft do there development engines.

I am surprised how few XP / 7 machines i am seeing, mostly as they had free upgrades to 10.

I would think there is quiet a few current requests that this would be pushed down the list quiet abit to the point it may never require doing by the time its looked at

And I’m really, more than, OK with this because of the ratio of old to new machines AND because I am STILL able to back them up with a few adjustments. In the enterprise, the legacy stuff is ALWAYS the thing you want to have backed up because it’s usually the most expensive to replicate or rebuild from scratch.