Phisical image restore to VM

I can’t restore phisical machine image to virtual machine. Restore progress (with restore CD) did OK, but restored system on VM won’t load properly. Even fixing start-up problems don’t help. I did IDE/SCSI thing. I also did “make bootable on different hardware” option.

For example, disk2vhd application from sysinternal creates disk image that works just fine with hyper-v.
Can urbackup do image backups that work on VM ?

Thank you

I recently rant a test restore of a VM backed up from inside and restored to another Hyper-v. Server 2012 R2, worked fine for me.

  1. UrBackup Server 2.2.11
  2. Booted ISO in Hyper-v VM
  3. Ran fix boot
  4. removed ISO and rebooted
  5. Machine came up fine.