Permission for UrBackup Folder FREENAS

I was build FREENAS server and install the UrBackup on jail

everythink works good

but i cannot access to my backups

i was share the folder on CIFS
for get access from windows to the backup folder

i see the share folder but i didn`t have permission to get in there

so because that a test lab FREENAS server and not a production server

i give to the folder 777 permission (and yes i know what its 777 permission)

after that of course i get permission to the backup folder

but after that i do new backup and it create new folders
and again i dont have permission for the new folders that created

i didnt get it why the subfolder dont get the 777 permmision

the command i was run is
chmod -R 777 /folder-location

i am not expert on unix systems
i am know the base
but i need help

i want to get access for the folder that UrBackup do the backup
get access and permission for evrey folder and file in there
also for new files
the permission need to be to only for the administrators group from windows
all other user dont need any permission to there

how i make it works?..

many thankssss

Add a new user to FreeNAS that will have access to the files.
Then authenticate as the new user when you connect from Windows via CIFS.

This works for me!

That what i did but…

I added a new user
and i gave him permission to the share folder (CIFS)

and i still get no access to the share folder from windows
also if i do from the windows on the share folder “connect from other user”
and put the user i give him permission to access

after that i do what i sayed before
that i gave 777 permission
and after that i couled access

but after i gave the 777 permission and UrBackup do new in incremental or full backup
and it create new files and folder i cannot again access to the new ones that created

(it not take the parent folder permission - that what i think but why?)

what i do wrong

Why do you need CIFS access to your backup? This seems to me like a recipe for disaster. CIFS clients (Windows) do not understand symlinks, hard links or Unix permissions.

Either way, this is a permissions issue in FreeNAS, not a URBackup issue. URBackup runs under it’s own UID. The ‘best’ way is to give ZFS ACL permissions to the CIFS users on the backup pool in order to read. Don’t change the classic Unix permissions (you know the 0777 and chown/chgrp). ZFS ACL’s are much more fine grained and don’t interfere with Unix permissions (which URBackup uses)