Permission denied, could not create or read directory for client, but the permissions look okay?

Hi, I’ve been trying to get urbackup to work on my Ubuntu machine, but I’m running into issues in that the server is failing to access the urbackup folder on the drive. I am also running a samba share on the same drive with a very similar permission structure and it works perfectly fine, thus I’m not quite sure what is happening here.

The current folder structure is as follows:

|- mnt
   |- sdb-bigboi
      |- urbackup 

Where the permissions of the folders are:

ll /mnt
<other drive, ignored>
drw-rwxr--+ 4 root driveaccess 4096 Nov  7 09:21 sdb-bigboi
ll /mnt/sdb-bigboi
drwxr-xr-x 11 luna     luna     4096 Nov  7 09:22 Luna <-- This is the samba share, which works fine.
drwxr-xr-x  2 urbackup urbackup 4096 Nov  7 09:41 urbackup

Server backup storage path is set to /mnt/sdb-bigboi/urbackup/, and driveaccess is a group I have added the urbackup user to.

Finally, my Windows client does not have any option to start a backup, and the urbackup server logs are just spamming the following:

<date> ERROR Could not create or read directory for client "Fatboah". Permission denied (code: 13)

Eventually after failing for so long, it just says Forcing offline client "Fatboah"

There’s no other information about what folder it is trying to open, or even which user account it is using. Does it actually use the urbackup user? Is it actually trying to open the right folder? I have no clue at this point.

Now, I’m particularly bad with linux and am mostly doing this to sort of learn-as-I-go, so I assume there’s something wrong here, but I cannot figure out exactly what that is. To me, everything looks correct. The urbackup user has access both to the drive and to the folder, but yet it is still failing? The samba share has very similar file/folder permissions and it works fine, why does this one not work?

Quick tiny note to end this off, I am newly setting up the urbackup server. This isn’t one I’ve had running and need to preserve data on (yet).