Pausing UrBackup Server

I would like to know if there is an option to prevent new backups jobs from starting but allow existing backups to complete.

Thinking from the point of view of doing graceful shutdowns of the server and/or if I have a backup I want to ensure completes as quickly as I can without other jobs getting in the way.

If this option doesn’t exist is there any chance that it could?

Under settings for File and Image backups there are four “Interval for … backups” boxes with Disable checkboxes after them. Disable all four intervals and UrBackup will not schedule any new backups. Existing jobs will complete and you can still run backups manually, this just disables automatically scheduled backups. Clear the checkboxes and the scheduled backups will resume with their previous settings.

I’ve done this before when I needed to pause backups until I replaced the hard drive.

Yes, I could do this but I have many clients with individual settings and so I would need to go through each of them and change them.

I would then need to remember to set them back to what they were at before I changed them which relies both on me remembering to do so and remembering what they were originally set to.

Right; my network was less complicated then. How about setting Server: Number of simultaneous backups to zero? Just tried and it seems to work. Running backups continue, pending backups, even if manually commanded, don’t start until I put a larger number in there.

I’d reduced it before for server load management, but hadn’t tried zero until now.