Pause internet backups while connected to certain networks?

My question is pretty simple I think, but how would I go about blocking/pausing Urbackup from automatically initiating a backup while connected to certain WiFi or LAN connections?

Or the reverse, only allow it to only run while connected to predetermined SSID’s/LANs.

My reasoning is I have several laptops that are in the field and often connect via limited shared hot-spots or painfully limited LAN connections. The owners of said devices are not knowledgeable enough to reliably pause the process…

I was thinking, maybe try and setup firewall rules? Uncharted territory for me, so any recommendations or guidance would be welcomed.

Another question that’s sort of similar, is there a way to automatically pause Urbackup when a device is not plugged into a power source or in a limited power mode?

Thanks for the help

Are you seeing them backup on the hotspot?

Urbackup has a list of mobile carriers that when it senses it’s using that it won’t backup.

Also if you mark the wifi in windows as a metered connection urbackup won’t run backups on that network.

Good enough?