Password protect client tray


would be good to be able to password protect the clients tray access to backup settings

serverside, you can disallow to change settings, start backup or restores and stuff like that

Hi Orogor,

I am aware of that feature just thought it would be a great addition to be able to password protect the client side tray app then you could securely have access to the backup settings directly from the client side

me to, i am switching from CrashPlan.
Missing encryption as well

4.1 Server webinterface rights management

The server web interface is protected by a pretty standard user system. You can create, manage and delete accounts. Those accounts are only linked loosely to clients by rights management. Be aware that after first installing UrBackup there is no administrator password set and everybody can see all backed up files! If you want to limit access you should immediately go to the account management in the settings and create an administrator account and set its password.