Password lost!

Hello !

First of all sorry for my so bad english… ;)

A friend of mine called me today about his computers, he has a problem with his backups, and the man who works for his computers disaper some weeks ago.

I’ve found that the USB drive used for the backups is full, and I have to tune the configuration of Urbackup v0.23.1, but we didn’t know neither the name, neither the password of the admin interface.

Is there a way to shoot or reinit it ?

Thanks a lot.


You can download the sqlite shell from
Open the backup_server.db with it (sqlite3 /var/urbackup/backup_server.db or sqlite3 "C:\Program Files\UrBackupServer\backup_server.db ) and delete all users with:
DELETE FROM si_users;
If there are no users it automatically gives you access and you can recreate the admin account.

Thanks a lot !
I will try this tomorrow.

Have a good night !


Just another question (I’m not really at ease with Sql) :

If I type the command you’ve said, I will erase all the records in the table.
But what if there is other records.
I would like to keep them.

I think there is a way to type delete from si_users where “field” = ‘admin’

but I don’t what is the “field” name…


… I don’t KNOW what the “field” name is…

You get the schema via “.schema si_users”.
But if you do not delete all the users in the table UrBackup will ask you for a username+password.

You can change the password to “123” with:

UPDATE si_users SET password_md5='dc4dec8bed7b613a3ec72c34491815f1', salt='wSL0r40azDQoOdFKPcHulxszsT5bleppgknT50T8x4D6hNPWXU' WHERE name='admin';

That should do the trick :)

Great !

I’ll try it tomorrow !

I’ll tell you about the result.