Parallel Hash Timeout


I’m running macOS client 2.2.4 and server 2.2.7. I’m wanting to backup an entire macOS system volume, and I’m getting a timeout in the parallel hash.

Here’s logs from the server:

Errors 21/02/18 14:04 Error during parallel hash load: TIMEOUT
Errors 21/02/18 14:06 Error starting parallel hash load
Errors 21/02/18 14:07 Backup had an early error. Deleting partial backup.

On the client logs, I see the backup starting at 14:03:51, then a vast number of Parallel hash entries, and then they seem to just silently stop part-way through the scan at 14:08:05.

The client is still running, and recording ClientService status entries to the log every second.

For now, I’ll try with parallel hashing disabled - but I thought you might want to know.