Overwrite old backups

Hello everyone, I just use urbackup to save the data of my servers (windows server 2012 r2) of the company I work for, just 5 days after the installation of the system, I have already exhausted the storage space (1TB), my question is this:
How can I make the system understand that it must overwrite the oldest backups? Otherwise, once the storage space is finished, all backups are blocked.
How can I solve?
Thank you.

Decrease the minimum number of backups, to allow the server to delete more backups.

Thanks for the reply, could you give me more detailed information? Thank you.

Can you go to backup’s and see how many versions of backup’s are available for each client.

You can goto settings and change the minimum and maximum number of Full and INC backup to have to some lesser value. This should be done for both FileSystem and Image backup.
If you have different configuration for different clients, then change the minimum and maximum values for each client.
Then run the remove-unknown.bat file.

Apologies for bumping this thread but I’m a newbie just installed urBackup Server/Client arrangement. Per above I have disabled incremental file backups and then set maximum number of full backups to 3 and mininum full backups to 1 however, I now have 5 backups and it is not deleting the old backups per my settings - am i doing something wrong?

Usually deleting happens during the cleanup window.
Else you can manually trigger it by executing remove-unknown.bat file.