Overide backup window times

Hello everyone. How the client acts - If I configure backup window time on server as general configuration and afterwards change backup hours on seperate client. Does server overrides the client setting?
For example- General configuration Mon-Fri/2-05:30 and need to configure client to backup at 9:30-12:00. Will it work so?


Yes you have 2 ways to achieve this:

  1. You can decide to let the end point client configuration takes precedence over the default one defined in the urbackup server. You can control it from the urbackup server “configuration/permission” tab.
    This provides very granular level as you can allow them to start their own backups but not allow them to do restore etc…

  2. on the server side, you can also configure client specific configurations which overwrite the default one… you can also group several clients under 1 single group which has its own configuration…