Outlook PST files backup

I use this great UrBackup app.
The only problem I have now is that Outlook PST files are taking a lot of space.

For example if I make an incremental backup all PST files are copied once again even if I have no new mail. I tried “Block differences - hashed” transfer mode with the same result. I noticed that UrBackup does not copy entire PST file but with copied part the program rebuild PST file on storage device and used space increase with full PST size (as FreeNas also display) .
Maybe this is normal but the storage space decrease rapidly when you have users with 10-40 GB PST files.
Is there an option to use backup interval for PST files different from other files backup interval? For example: 1 hour for files and 1day for pst files backup interval

Please advice me to find the best approach for PST problem.
I use UrBackup server 2.0.36 (installed on FreeNas 9.10) and UrBackup Client 2.0.34

Thank you.

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If you have users with 10-40GB PST files…you have problems that backup software cannot fix. Those users are pack rats.

You cannot set separate schedules, but you could purchase CBT licenses and cut down the size of each backup.

You can set separate schedules for virtual clients, that is create a virtual client that e.g. backs up only the PST files.

Background info: The problem is that ZFS cannot reflink files. Currently only Linux btrfs can do that, and soon Linux XFS will also have this capability.
So the only way to store it more efficiently when using ZFS is to enable the very RAM intensive online-dedup in ZFS.

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Thank you Uroni.
I will go on virtual clients.