Option to specify ALL_NONUSB for file backups

I’d like to be able to specify ALL_NONUSB, like I can with image backups, for file backups.

Right now I’m using C:|C/optional;D:|D/optional|E:|E/optional, as I have some computers with more than one drive, but I think that this is an ugly solution.

How is it going with this? You wanted to add this a long time ago :slight_smile:
I don’t know how ALL exactly works, but will it also backup any CD/DVD drive? I think this should be excluded, it makes no sense backup all CDs I have randomly in my drive.

I stopped trying to back up entire Windows C drives pretty quickly, and even now it’s an arms race between my file exclude list and companies stuffing /Users with tons of temporary crap that’s not in a /temp/ directory. I would want some kind of EXCEPT syntax to exclude drives, and really my needs would be handled just by adding one or more drives as optional directories to the backup without NONUSB.