OpenSuse Tumbleweed Make install


I am trying to install a urbackup server on openSUSE Tumbleweed. I am new to openSUSE but wanted the benefits of the btrfs file system. The OBS build looks like it is not available yet for Tumbleweed or 15.0, so I attempted to install from the sources.

When I do a “make install” there is an error because of the missing “adduser” command. I realize this is not available on openSUSE and there is probably a quick fix for the install to realize I am on openSUSE, and use the correct useradd command. Can someone tell me what it is?

Thanks in advance.


No there is no fix for this. You’ll have to add the user manually.


I have patched the spec file in OBS so it builds Urbackup properly for Tumbleweed and later OpenSuse versions (15.0, 15.1). I hope it can be merged - it should be quite safe.


Thanks! I have added you as maintainer to home:uroni. Could you commit it there again?


I had created a pull request and could it approve it myself now. It is merged and built.