Only backup when client manually requests


I have a laptop that rarely changes and is often used for short periods of time. For this reason I would like this computer to only backup when the user manually requests it on the client software. I would like some help knowing the correct configuration to allow that to happen. I tried clearing the “Backup window:” on the client software but it still automatically backed up when I started the computer. Thanks in advance.

I am also interested in the answer to this question, due to a server with an irregular on/off schedule.
If not then as a work around could the user schedule a daily backup but only allow the client process to start when the backup is required, for example would that work with a daily backup scheduled but the client process started only ~ once a month? Would it then immediately start backing up when the process is started? That would be good enough for me.


@dotJerdot dotJerdot not sure sure, but i think disabling backups on the server (in the client specific settings) would work.


@backr_upr it should already do that (that s what dotJerdot wants to avoid).

On the server, go to settings.

Then select the client or group that you want to control.

Check the Separate Settings for this Client.

On File Backups, disable the incremental and full file backups.
On Image Backups, disable the incremental and full file backups.

Hit “Save” in the lower right corner.

Now you might need to restart your client, not sure.

Automatic backups will no longer happen. You can manually initiate a backup from the client gui or from the server status list.

Perfect thanks for the info, will give it a whirl this weekend.