Only allow client to backup when connected to specified subnets?


Haven’t found how to accomplish this, or if its possible.

The environment is a main site and branch sites (site-to-main site VPNs). Clients can also manually connect with VPN but backup should not be able/allowed to run under that circumstance.

So, is it possible to limit the backup to run when clients are connected to a specified set of subnets?


You could block the port / ip for urbackup in your firewall, when connected via VPN. Thats how I solved this problem.

Thanks for answering. I had that in mind actually.
But, I’ll try that approach. Problem here that it’s a mega-corporate-company, 65k users w.w. and this is only a branch office, with centrally managed firewalls.
We’ll see if my firewall request goes through with the “firewall-people” :open_mouth:


Maybe you could block it directly at the UrBackup server. All VPN clients should come from a certain subnet, which should be easy to block.

If you are using the Internet mode you can perhaps also abuse the dataplan feature (depending on how the client IPs behave with reverse lookup).

Disable dataplan update and add reverse dns of subnet with low limit to dataplan_db.txt.

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Two great angles on the problem.
Tesla2k, Local firewall: Could be problematic with the GPO pushed from the mega-corp. But I’ll definitive give it a shot. Right as you say, VPN traffic is always coming from one subnet.
uroni, dataplan_db.txt: Nice this one too. Will pursue that and extend my knowledge on Internet mode to see if this is the way they should go.

Don’t feel to bright right now as I couldn’t come up with these ideas myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

In the end a total of about 70 machines, the /users/ folder, in 6 branch offices (the OK subnets) will be backed up with this solution.
I’ve also prepared a rather extensive exclusion field to not backup up things not needed. Uroni? Any limit to the file exclusion string under settings? Future: Could that field possibly become a multi row entry? Like this:
and so forth.
It’s a bit inconvenient to edit it all in one long row as it is now.

Brgs and many thanks for your answers.