One incremental backup per day


I know this may seem like a silly question. but in the “Interval for incremental file backups” how would you set it for just one incremental backup per day?

i have already set the Backup window to 1-7/1-6 but i want ensure it will always backup once each day between those hours.

Afaik it will do one backup every day if you set the interval to anything between 5 and 24h with that backup window. If the interval were less than 5 hours, you could end up with more than one backup.

That doesnt work.

So as i said i set the backup windows between 1-6 and the backups every 12 hours.

how come its starts backing up at 11am?

this makes no sense to me.

I must be missing something here, if you want one backup per day, why are you setting the interval less than 24 hours? Since once / 24h = daily?

because i read somewhere in the forum that if you set it to 24 it would cause it to do it ever 5 minutes.

So you think i should set it to 24 which would then do it just once in the backup allowed time?

I don’t know if there’s a glitch such as you describe, I have a client set to backup once per 24 hours and don’t see that, if it does go every 5 minutes because a day wraps or something… then set it to 23h.

Setting 24h is the very first thing I’d have done, so far it "Works for me"™