Omit vFAT Boot from Linux Client Backup

I’m running v. on a linux client; server version 2.5.32. I’m getting errors every time the client tries to backup. /var/log/urbackupclient.log is a repeat of the following:

2024-04-11 14:13:34: ERROR: Creating snapshot of "/dev/nvme0n1p1" failed
2024-04-11 14:13:34: ERROR: File system vfat not supported
2024-04-11 14:13:34: ERROR: Creating shadowcopy of "/dev/nvme0n1p1" failed.
2024-04-11 14:13:34: ERROR: Creating shadow copy failed. See client log file for details.

nvme0n1p1 is mounted to /boot/efi and is vfat (nvme0n1p2 is mounted to / and is ext4). I’m fine without backing up /boot/efi; that can always be rebuilt.

How do I omit just /boot/efi from backups but still get everything else? I’m having a helluva time converting the instructions in the manual and on the interface from Windows to Linux.


The issue is probably the attempt to create a snapshot.
You could…
Ensure you are using file backups not images and then exclude /boot/efi/*.

You could create a prefile backup script
In /usr/local/etc/urbackup named “prefilebackup”
This will get executed for the client (and any virtual sub clients).
I wrote a test script that echod argument 3 (the virtual sub client name) to a temp file. I didn’t care what the scrambled name really was…I only wanted to test for it with one of my sub clients so I didn’t do this each time.

The script (once I new the value was 300 for my particular sub client)

Was this
! /bin/bash
If [ “${3}X” == “300X” ] ; then
/bin/tar czPf /temp/boot efi.tgz /boot
exit 0

This gave me a compressed tar file of both /boot and it’s mounted contents.
So, I could exclude /boot/* from my backups coz I had the /tmp tarfile.


Maybe. But, I have had difficulty with Linux and images and mounted and snapshots.

I looked a bit into this problem and I think the easiest solution is to just fix it and make backup of /boot/efi work. Since this is a small partition I think it might be able to be backed up without any snapshots. Unfortunately vfat does not support FIFREEZE (fsfreeze --freeze /boot/efi), but I guess it can also temporarily be remounted read-only.

Adjusted the scripts to do just that:

scripts.tar.gz (9.3 KB)

Will be in the next version if I get positive feedback.

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Does this solve the problem of /boot also being a (in my case ext2) fs upon which, of course, the vfat efi is mounted? Asking before examining scripts.
I appreciate that you probably wish to have an all inclusive product that can image linux as well as Windows. Because I have never had to restore from my Windows image backups - I have yet to try the restore CD/USB. I did try it once when looking at restoring some linux file backups. Because I hadn’t read the docs very well and didn’t know that restore only works on images.
Personally, I prefer the file backup and restore for linux - I just run a linux install the way I want and then recover files from an NFS share of the Urbackup “bk” folder.
But, I understand what I perceive to be your desires.

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