Offsite Plan With Encryption

I am testing out UrBackup as it’s almost exactly what I’ve been looking for as a centralized backup solution. I am running into one issue though and that’s offsite backups. It seems that UrBackup doesn’t yet support encrypting the backup files, so I thought I’d use rclone and sync my backup files offsite to an encrypted location (using SFTP to a linux server). Unfortunately I ran into problems with this due to the hardlinks. Does anyone have any suggestions for an offsite plan? I do require the offsite files be encrypted.

Perhaps a stange idea, but if the encryption of the data on the offsite location is the issue, you could just do that on the offsite location? So take some storage, let LUKS encrypt the storage itself, open/mount the LUKS encrypted data container and use this storage point in UrBackup?

Sure the running data is shown as un-encrypted data. But you can limit access to that through rights and firewall rules, etc. If anyone were to physically steal the offsite data storage device, the LUKS container would make sure the data is unaccessible.

This doesn’t solve the hardpoint issue though.