Offsite location backup of Urbackup server


Whats the best way to backup a urbackup server to another location offsite?

is it possible to use another urbackup server with client running on the server to be backed up?

If you are running UrBackup on Linux, rsync would be a great option.

I tried that, it never really worked. Perhaps @uroni can shed some light as to why this would be so?

Thank you for your input John. its a windows based server.

I had my doubts if another urbackup server would forfull this application but might be worth while adding this as a feature going forward

I was thinking of using a NAS for the storage of the backups done by the windows server in the future and then could probably use another NAS offsite with an rsync backup setup.

It would be great if urBackup supported onsite backup and offsite backup urBackup server pairing. I know you could use rsync but then every time a full image backup is done, it will rsync that whole file again to the offsite server.

I think to reduce bandwidth something more intelligent that rsync is necessary. Need to have the offsite server be able to build a synthetic full image from the diffs from the onsite backup server somehow.

Unless it already does this and I’m misunderstanding something?

I’d say volume level replication is best if the whole backup storage is to be replicated. I don’t know much about the Windows Server side of things. It seems Windows Server 2016 will get it natively:

Otherwise you can use a storage solution with replication via iSCSI or run the Windows Server in e.g. VMWare ESXI which can do replication.

You could use the 2.0.x UrBackup Client to backup the backup storage volume to a UrBackup 2.0.x on btrfs but then you’d have to think about how to go about restoring it from offsite.

That will start working in 2.0.x? I attempted something similar in 1.4.x and it would just index forever.

Should work better with 2.0.x if the reason for the long indexing were the followed symlinks.

I meant an image backup with UrBackup of the whole volume, though.

Hi Uroni,

if there are quite a lot of sizable database files that get backed up to the main server would this make the second offsite server see the files as new files i.e. not just backup using intra file changes and would this also be the case when using urbackup to do a volume backup.