Offsite backup of server


I have recently installed UrBackup server 2.3.8 and I’m using it for client backups (work PC, home PC, girlfriend’s PC, laptop). This all seems to work well. However, I would like to make offsite backups of the complete server as well, in case of emergency (fire in the house?).

I’m thinking about using Duplicati to send all files to the cloud, e.g. OneDrive or Stack. Duplicati can compress and encrypt all files, so it’s safe to upload it to the cloud.

The issue here is that UrBackup already makes multiple copies of my files as a backup mechanism, in new folders for every backup. This way Duplicati (and other tools as well I guess) will think all files are new, and do a complete full backup of all files to the destination, without cleaning up the old ones since it will think all files are new.

Is there a way for UrBackup to be configured more like a ‘file sync’ tool, where it stores the files in the same folder on the server for every backup made?


Duplicati 2 will detect them as existing and won’t upload them again. It uses block-hashes much like urbackup.

Hi there,
BorgBackup might be a choice, too: Deduplication, Encryption, Compression are onboard. Vorta, a GUI for BorgBackup is also available, although it is still in development.