Offline Restore

I have a problem with the mbr restore from a usb disk.
I copied the full image backup folder in the usb disk.
I booted with the urbackup livecd (version 2.0.1)and I executed these commands:

  • /root/urbackuprestoreclient --restore-mbr path/*.vhd.mbr -o /dev/sda
  • partprobe /dev/sda

but the Partitions table are not re-read.

The command “fdisk -l /dev/sda” has not reported nothing and "sfdisk " has reported the partitions disk.
In /dev folder there is only the device “sda” without partitions.

How do I fix it?
Thank you.
Best Regards

Weird. The kernel should also reread the partition table if you reboot.

You can also try if kpartx -a /dev/sda works.

The OS is Windows 10 and the Disk type is GPT.

Before restoration mbr I deleted all partitions.
I tried to reboot notebook after “partprobe /dev/sda” but nothing happened.

The network restore works.

Best Regards.