Off-site backup of rather large (990GB) Urbackup 'pool' - Which tool to sync?

Hi there,

I would like to have my clients back-upped to two or three different locations. At first I thought to install three UrBackup servers, but it seems that we cannot have more than one internet server linked per client.

I looked around in the forum here and many people suggested backing up the actual ‘urbackup’ directory containing the whole back-up structure. I have tried this with three tools so far, Duplicati, Resilio Sync and Syncthing. All three just keep indexing the files and eventually crash while using multiple GB’s of RAM.

I assume they are crashing because of a loop in the Symlinks, or just not handling symbolic links in a correct manner. For Resilio Sync, I even found an option to disable symlinks completely. That would certainly be a pain in the ass if I ever had to do a manual restore, but it would be an acceptable solution. However, it still crashes.

Users of Urbackup: What tools do you use to sync your directory with back-ups to another server/device? And how big is your pool? My UrBackup pool is 990GB large and consists of mainly webservers and web-applications, so lots of small files.

Thanks for your time!

Hi aeg13,

I don’t use file backups, but only image backups, given that they provide me with the posibility of disaster recovery as well as the posibility of individual file recovery by mounting them. I sync the backup to an offsite location using rsync in Linux (CentOS), the image backups don’t seem to use symlinks so i have no issues with offsite copy. The amount of data depends a little on the urbackup server, but usually around 3-5 TB per server.

I connect each client to multiple urbackup server and alternate the backup on each servers.

Not sure if it s a bug or not , but you can use a single internet server at a time. But you can use multiple local servers and that works fine.

I always advise to use some block based stuff. You can for example use UrBackup on the server to create image backups of the storage volume to another server.

Thanks for your input! I’m using file backups right now because I didn’t care for the added complexity of imaging and to be able to restore certain files quickly. However, image backups might actually be better. And they might sync better off-site and be a little bit more manageable than the 1-million-plus directories that syncthing is currently reporting :smiley:.

Uroni: am I right in reading your suggestion as follows: Install urbackup client on the first backup server, and use urbackup server on the off-site server to image the first one? That would mean I don’t even have to tinker with the client-to-server backups I’ve got running now.


Use block based stuff like zfs with zsend , or btrfs.

Or install multiple servers and tell the clients to backup directly to each servers (need to configure each server independently, but can use different settings as well)