Odd files after a full restore - FILENAME_urbackup_restore_0

I had a hard disk fail. I restored everything with a successful URBACKUP restore.

This is a Windows 7 PC and the restore seems to have worked.

A hard disc full of videos. Film and TV rips. MP4, AVI, etc.

The oddity is why have I got loads of files called “filename.ext_urbackup_restore_0” sitting next to the real files?

The real file seems to work fine, but there is a clone next to it of the same size.



I run the pairs through a file compare tool and they seem to be identical.

Those files also happily play in VLC. Just all are dups.

Any thoughts before I set out deleting them?

This does not seem to be every file, but around 15% of them have a duplicate.

On a drive where I have 11679 files, 1534 of these are the *urbackup_restore_0 files

Can’t really see a pattern. Some whole shows have them, others don’t.

Can get one show, two folders. One folder has the dups. The folder next to it no dups.

A puzzle…

Ah… may have answered my own question. My restore was interrupted in the middle and I had to start again. I guess these are temp files from that first interrupted restore…