Notifications can't get

maybe someone can tell me why the notifications are not working, here is a photo of my settings, after the backup, I would like to receive a notification that my backup was completed successfully or not successfully

For each client? I think that checkbox (someone correct me) is for when a client has not been backed up per the threshold and then it IS backed up correctly. I’m not sure if it’s for each successful backup. I think it’s a sort of “things back in compliance” email. Again, correct me if I’m wrong on this.

Brain waking up » Under Logs (scroll down to bottom). Look for the “Reports” heading.

Input email and (for your case) select “Info”. I believe this would send success emails for ALL clients. If you only wanted to see FAILED backups (which is what I prefer), select “Error”. Then click save or done (can’t remember the button name off the top of my head).

Hope this helps a little. :grin:

Screenshot (360)

I still did not understand what exactly needs to be changed and where exactly? because I would like to receive a notification when the backup was completed successfully and when it was not successful

yes i need for each client as i have only 4 clients

Let me clarify …

First, select Logs from the navigation menu.

Screenshot (361)

When the page loads, you will see a list of clients. I am just showing the top of my page here for security reasons. You will want to scroll to the bottom of this page.

When you do, you will see the following box that reads Reports.

You’ll notice there’s a Minimum log level adjustment.

Info » If you select this option, you should get ALL backup logs, no matter if the backup succeeded or failed.

Warning » If you select this option, you should get anything that has warnings and errors (which would be backups that failed. Warnings don’t necessarily mean the backup has failed, it might mean some files couldn’t be read, etc.

Errors » Anything that explicitly failed and a backup was unsuccessful.

Question: Did you also configure the Mail settings first before going here?

I’m assuming here. You definitely want to setup Mail settings before you configure this page, otherwise it’s meaningless. Let me know if this is making more sense.

thanks for help

Yes, I set up the mail, I just couldn’t find where exactly these notifications are, thank you very much

but I have one questions about ALERTS for what this function?