Not listening on Ports - OMV plugin


It seems like I am having issues with the urbackup-server not wanting to listen on the set port of 55414 or 55415 for the web interface. My Docker transmission is fine. I run netstat -tap | grep 55414, and get a blank line in return. I’ve added an incoming rule for those ports. Still nothing. Its like the service is failing to listen on those ports. No number of restarting of the service brings it up. lsof -i :55415 also brings back a blank line. I love a puzzle, but this sure is a conundrum. Oh go easy on me too, its my first time posting here!


Oh, also it seems that its not listening on the local host. Anyone know how this can be fixed?


/etc/default/urbackupsrv Found this but didn’t see anything listed for localhost. I did see a broadcast on interface option, but it is set to default.


Am I right that you cant access you web console from external or in your local network?


Only trying to access it on my LAN. I even uninstalled the plugin and reinstalled it, disabled docker, and still no dice. Its like the service is not listening on the configured ports.


Is the server network and local network in the same network? Maybe there is some problem with you firewall settings? Trying to access it with http://yourserverip:55414 ?


Yeah it is in the local network. There is a link inside OWV service tab for the plugin. Plus the service isnt listing on that port. So no matter if you try to access it via host name or IP in the browser. I also have a thread going on the OMV fourms too.