"No recent backup" NOT SHOWN into "Image Backup Status"

One PC is off-line for 1 month.
So, I get a red alert “No recent backup” into column “File Backup Status”… and this is right


I get NO-ALERT into column “Image Backup Status” that still remain green with “OK”… but this is wrong

It could be because of either changed client settings, or just how UrBackup was made.

I believe that in MOST cases if you do not do a file-backup within 2-3 days it will change to “No recent backup,” where as if you do not do an image backup for about 1-6 (tops) months it will change to “No recent backup.”

We have our servers only do full image backups once every 180 days, and partials every 30.

In 1.4 the behaviour was different. If I set image each 3 days, It alert us (correctly) max at 4° day. This is simply logical.