No permissions to create files in "/snap/core/6350"

I’m trying to fix this the whole day already… trying to restore my ubuntu client from my ubuntu urbackup server, can someone help?

Well, you might want to check in the client logs what user was denied permission (you, the server user, or the user the client runs as) & either grant them permissions or temporarily escalate their privileges.

Can’t be much more help than that, my experience with Linux is limited & mostly outdated, I do know systemd messed up the logging & made it so you had to know strange incantations to the “god” that it thinks it is instead of opening files from /var/log a text editor or grepping through them though.

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Only thing that i can see that goes wrong is: 29-04-20 17:26 WARNING Cannot open file “/snap/core/8268/bin/bash” for writing. Not restoring file. Read-only file system (code: 30)

Anyone knows how i can fix this one?