No option for file restore

I’m using urbackup for Windows clients on my local network, but I don’t see any restore options in the client.
I’m successfully running full and incremental file backups, and everything seems to be working good–except that I can’t find the restore option.
I do have the urbackup server set within the Windows client settings:

(replace ‘mylocalnetwork’ with my actual local domain name. This resolves OK with nslookup)

I’ve searched the forums and documentation but can’t find a solution. I’m using the latest versions.
Linux urbackup server version: 2.5.32
Windows client version: 2.5.25

Any suggestions?

Restoration is done from the web panel, either as admin or user.

Got it. Thanks for the feedback. I am able to restore via the web panel. I was confused because I was expecting an option to be available via the UrBackup tray icon (per the docs), but I don’t have that option at all. I’ll just count on the web panel instead.

Here is the snippet from section 9.2 of the docs:
Since UrBackup 2.0.x users can directly access the web interface from the client if a server URL is configured. Either they right-click on the UrBackup tray icon and then click “Access/restore backups” which opens the browser, or they can right click a file/directory in a backup path and then click on “Access/restore backups” to access all backups of a file/directory (only on Windows with Windows Explorer).