No network found

When booting with UrBackup Restore 2.1.1 on a recent HP Elitebook 840 G5, no network is detected : neither wired not wifi.
How to add drivers for the network card ? (I suppose it’s a driver problem…)

The network card is an Intel I219-LM.

Find a solution using the build of the restore image dealed in this post Restore image does not support the Intel I217-LM and the I210 GB Cards.

Direct link is :

Amazing that Intel NIC card drivers are not included in the last version of Urbackup Restore ISO (2.1.1).

Finally this was not a solution : it seems in fact that the network card is sometimes detected and sometimes not detected.
What is really strange is that the LAN LED are on while the PC start, and when UrBackup loads they go off and remain black, no light.
Sometimes, this is working and the NIC is found.

Has someones already meet this issue ?

Thanks for feedback, and maybe solution…


It’s a nightmare… now it’s working.
What I did : disabling all power saving options in the BIOS so that the NIC card is never electrically disconnected (it’s a laptop).
Now RJ45 ligths are on…

I will come back if it doesn’t work. Otherwise, we can consider that’s ok (or that I jump from the 30th floor…).