No automatic full file backups


I have the following problem, my incremental backups are running fine, twice a day, 7 days a week.
While it’s possible to create manual full file backups, there is not a single automatic full file backup since the beginning. There are also no warnings about this issue.
I use the following settings:

Is there something wrong with these settings? The incremental settings create exact the backups I’ve configured.

Below the log files for one of the servers (the warnings are about some conflicts with file version on the client server)

In the “Internet” tab there is another setting which affects this. Note that you don’t really need to do full backups.


so you say I need to check “Do full file backups over internet:” to create automatic full file backups?
I will try that :slight_smile:

Note that you don’t really need to do full backups.

Yes I do after 14 days (or even more) files from before that time are not available anymore, right?
The full backup is for restores where the customer has noticed a problem after weeks :wink:

You can add an archiving rule(s) to keep some for longer.

Sure the archive function would do the trick, but that is a lot of work for 10+ clients
But I will try this function too.


After I enabled that setting “Do full file backups over internet”, I see the first full backups coming :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help.

One more question, why are “nieuw” full backups so small: the initial backup was ~1GB and the new backup is less than 10MB.
Or what is the difference between the full and the incremental backup? If I browse through the directory structure, I see all the files in both cases. Now I understand why you’re saying that full backups are not necessary…

If I understand UrBackup correctly :slight_smile: :

  • Incremental backup checks for changed files on the client, then checks for existing files on the server, and only uploads files it can’t find on the server
  • Full backup will check all files on the client for versions on the server, but still only upload files that it hasn’t found on the server.

Uroni, can you confirm this?
This would mean the only use for full backup is to make sure there aren’t files slipping through the changed file client indexing.
Are there other checks to make sure the file is fully transferred to the server other then the metadata? A checksum perhaps when it’s a full backup?