Newuser 2.4.13 Docker

I am running the 2.4.13 Docker image. I would like to use urBackup to do disk images of Ubuntu servers and Ubuntu Desktops. The server is running. No clients are listed. It appears I have to build an Ubuntu client from source. I haven’t found instructions for this.

It appears from a tecmint article that I read that this might not be the right product. Specifically, I read " The main limitation of UrBackup is that image backups only work with NTFS formatted volumes and with the Windows client."

I don’t run any Windows on my network. My environment is all Ubuntu and Debian servers and desktops.

The usual advise has been to just backup the files on Linux.

Starting with Server 2.5.22/Client 2.5.16 Linux image backups are also possible. See there for the limitations. You’d have to build your own docker image for now.

Thanks. I will look into the latest client. Is there a build process for a VM server?

I’d just adjust the Dockerfile to the beta .deb… (presuming you are running on amd64)