Newbie friendly documentation and set up instructions - please

Hello folks.

You might like to refer to my post under clients for more information about my recent journey Included files in backup, naming convention problems?

I would like to have a friendly rant about lack of information/help files which has caused me to spend a LOT of time in trial and error to get client backups working in my test set up (before I implement this completely in my home network).

My background is in electronics , but I am an old analog techie with a very different sort of understanding of computer age terminology and work style. In other words, I just think very differently because that is how I was taught.

I have had LOTS of problems setting up file backups for whole partitions on 2 or 3 computers in my test set up and none of the documentation I found was very helpful at all, including the Administration Manual. I could not work out how to enter paths in the client which the system would accept and when I finally gave up on that to use the server settings instead I found I still had to enter paths in the client side box Add/ Remove Backup Paths. Nowhere could I find any explanation of why this was so and why this box existed at all. There is simply no clear explanation anywhere of how this works for file backups!

I do not wish to offend, but on the website is the comment a great deal of effort has gone into making the program easy to use. That is generally so in my experience, but available documentation is very sparse or often very unhelpful for newbies such as me.

The biggest problem I always strike in situations such as this, is that documentation seems to be often written by people and in such a way that seems to assume that the reader already knows the technology as such and how to interpret the problem. In other words, not exactly written for a total newbie to this field.

In summary, could we please add it to the list to come up with newbie friendly basic step by step set up instructions? Especially including manual changes which may be necessary outside the default.