New to Urbackup where can I find documentation on how to backup to external drive

New to Urbackup where can I find documentation on how to backup to external drive.
Using Ubuntu and have attached a external drive. I have changed the Backup storage path to /media/Howard/Tlements/urbackup/Storage. However I get No such file or directory (code:2).
I have tried different variations of the path but keep getting the same error. The external drive is has a ntf partition but Ubuntu lets me create folders and text files. Not sure why UrBackup is not seeing the directory.

Where am I going wrong.

Make sure urbackup has credentials to write to the drive, urbackup is using the user urbackup on linux.

Here is the entire server manual:

Thank you for the reply. I think what is happening is that the docker image has no way to talk to the external drive. Just like VMWARE virtual machines needs a virtual usb driver of some sort, the Urbackup image needs a virtual dirver to see the external usb drive.

You seem a bit confused.
There is no docker image running, there is a docker CONTAINER and yes, that obviously has to have access to the drive, but having a special “driver” for that?

Vmware is a complete virtualization application, docker is a container application, not the same. And IIRC you don’t have to have specific “drivers” for mounts on vmware, only for network and such. And those are not “drivers” they are systemd services giving access.

I’m not a huge docker user, but if you have the device mounted to your machine when starting the urbackup docker container, I feel there is nothing else you should have to do to give access to it, except for setting necessary credentials ofc. But again, not a huge docker user so could be wrong here.

You should probably turn to the documentation of docker rather than looking for a solution within urbackup.

Good points. I will look at docker. Thank you for your time and help.