New to UrBackup, having trouble understanding manuals

Just as the title says. I’m finding that should be a very powerful backup but having some trouble understanding the settings, and I’m having a hard time following the manual. Part of that maybe that I might not be understanding the underlying concept behind the program. It LOOKS like it’s doing 2 entirely different backups? What i would consider a “normal” backup (i.e. back up the entire computer) and also file only backup? So I’m not quite sure how to set up a good backup scenario. Under image settings it seems to only want (by default) to backup every 7 days, with a full every 60 days - this is what i would normally expect to be something like every day for incremental, every 7 for a full (or something like that). Not sure I could reliably set up daily “file” backups as there are just SO many different folders on this server.

I THOUGHT I had told the client to backup all volumes (when i installed the client and selected what to back up) but it looks like only C backed up - might be because it just used the “default” setting on the server? I changed that in the server now by selecting different settings for this client , but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Could someone walk me through a setup that would back up all volumes - full once a week, incremental once a day - or explain to me a better way to do it?

Anyone thought of setting up a paid support service for this product (or is there one)? if this works as well as it seems it might I would be happy to pay!

Hello softechvt,

just a few remarks, may be makes things clearer - or mark you question solved, please, if you found a solution in the meantime:

  • what system and version do you use (server and client)
  • which backup do you use/want - image or file backup
  • par ex.: to backup windows client -> image for volume C: and file backup all volumes should be sufficient?

Best regards