New Server - Old Clients

I had working Urbackup Server in my local network.
A lot of windows clients was backing up everyday, but finally my server stopped working and I lost whole machine.

Now I have new server running on centos, but still old clients waitng for old server show up

And the question is, is it possible to put data from server_idents.txt to server database to make clients think that’s old server and start backing up normally, without deleting that file at all clients separately?

If you have a backup of the database/configuration (by default it’s on) you can restore the original UrBackup config.

If you don’t, you must start from scratch and reinstall clients.

Thanks for answer.

Unfortunately i lost access to old btrfs, because of multiple power losses, tried everything,
#btrfs rescue
#btrfs scrub

So i have to start one more time : - )

I will check another way, I think deleting server_idents.txt from urbackup folder will work.
Tommorow I’ll have some info about that

Hi, It’s working

cd “C:\Program Files\Urbackup”
del server_idents.txt
del new_server_idents.txt
net stop UrBackupClientBackend
taskkill /IM UrBackupClient.exe

Just for sure i putted so many unnecessary commands, cause I’m sending that “script” to differents Windows systems remotely

Good to know, but what have you achieved if you don’t have the server backup? Just avoided the client reinstallation?

Yes Bro,
It’s tytanic work to reinstall f.e. 100 clients in network, so I sent my poor “script” mentioned above, and just watched my clients showing up :slightly_smiling_face: