New Server don't see clients


I can’t use my new Urbackup server because it does not detect most of my clients.

Server side :

  • UrBackup 2.0.38
  • Windows Server 2016 STD 64 bit
  • Firewall Windows deactivated

Client side :

  • Urbackup 2.0.36
  • Windows 7 pro
  • Firewall : ESET EndPoint Security ( deactivated for test )

All my clients and my server are on the same subnet.
Only 4 clients are detected by server :

  • 1 manually added to the server via the GUI ;
  • 3 others (perhaps during a firewall failure ?)

Server and client are on debug log, no error or strange things are reported.

With Wireshark, I can see broadcast packet from server 35623 to 32622 received on my computer. But my computer never reply to the server.

On Urbackup client Gui status, I’ve “Not internet server configured”.

My Urbackup client is able to connect to another Urbackup server on another site.

All changes I’ve made do not help to work.

Help me !!!

Thanks for your answer but before testing my Urbackup Client I :

  • Uninstall previous Urbackup Client ;
  • Delete the folder c:\Program Files\Urbackup
  • Install a new Urbackup Client.

So, I don’t think that’s a conflict beween 2 Urbackup Server.
I’ve got 2 Urbackup Server on 2 sites. My problem is located on my first site where more than 60 clients are not detected. This Clients have never saw another UrbackupServer.

Ok, then it is most likely some kind of firewall issue (you have already gone into that direction). Is the Windows firewall still active at those clients?

Not the Windows Firewall is disabled.

The followeb rules are set on Firewall Client (ESET Endpoint Security) :

TCP From Urbackup Server to local host 35621
TCP From Urbackup Server to local host 35623
UDP From Urbackup 65623 Server to 35622