New MAC client and beta server feedback

ok so I ran through some testing this morning here is my environment:

newest 2.5.18 server (created a docker image)
newest Mac client 2.5.12 running Big Sur

I first attempted to get the internet server running and have not been successful. When adding the “internet server” address in the tab I am confused on what can be used or should be? I suspect this is my issue… every time I try to add an address it gets overwritten with “urbackup://ws://”

Can I still use the normal 55415 port and not the WS? not sure how I would secure that yet from the internet (when I get it working).

Secondly with the latest client on Big Sur my MAC book became unresponsive during what I think is the index operation… for about 2-3 minutes. it is running now very quickly on the “local” server and everything seems to be working fine.

I can’t tell you how fast this Mac client backs up as local… very fast. I did have to open up my privacy/security settings and give the client access to my hard drive it did not have the proper permissions.

Will post back after this finishes and will also try a restore.


Thanks for the feedback Jim - let us know how you get on. Bear in mind that OS-level stuff likely won’t restore properly at present (especially on Big Sur, due to the signed system volume) - but most application- and user-level data should be good.

Indeed - this is on the roadmap, but not yet implemented.

strangest thing they client will not reconnect after the initial backup. the backup did complete though pretty quickly. I think it is related to the “internet” portion of the server not really working correctly. Any logs I can review to see what is going on? the urbackup log isn’t helpful in this case

Thanks for testing!

The urbackup:// being added to the ws:// url is a web interface bug. Will be fixed. A work-around would be removing the urbackup:// every time before saving.

I think there is a client debug log file at /Library/Logs/urbackup_client_backend.log. That should tell us which settings the client gets and why it cannot connect.

that certainly helps a bit. I know the urbackup://ws:// thing happens on the client also as it tries to connect to the internet server. Now I am receiving an auth error over and over again no matter what I do to get it to reconnect. This happens over and over again. Hope the next beta comes out so I can keep testing… seems I am a bit stuck now with 1 full MacOSX Big Sur backup (which did complete) and not being able to reconnect to urbackup with the client.

2021-03-25 10:50:38: Error receiving challenge packet

2021-03-25 10:50:38: InternetClient: Had an auth error

2021-03-25 10:51:28: ClientService cmd: STATUS#pw=ldrVgj0UUlYnkYEVg7V9YnHs2n6AWt

2021-03-25 10:52:20: ClientService cmd: STATUS#pw=ldrVgj0UUlYnkYEVg7V9YnHs2n6AWt

2021-03-25 10:53:12: ClientService cmd: STATUS#pw=ldrVgj0UUlYnkYEVg7V9YnHs2n6AWt