New issue on backup

Hi all,

I’m having another issue with one of my clients - I get a ton of errors, causing the backup to fail. The errors look like:

2016-07-20 14:32:36(error): Cannot copy directory metadata from “/media/storage/urbackup/adm-fo-8vm/160715-1515/.hashes/Users/.dir_metadata” to “/media/storage/urbackup/adm-fo-8vm/160720-1431/.hashes/Users/.dir_metadata”. - No such file or directory (errorcode=2)

looking at the storage, there is no .hashes folder where it’s trying to copy from.

Now on the client I get:
There was an error. Currently nothing can be backed up.

I’ve rebooted the client and still the same error.

The email from the server ends:

2016-07-20 14:34:39(error): Client adm-fo-8vm went offline.
2016-07-20 14:34:49(info): Waiting for file hashing and copying threads…
2016-07-20 14:34:50(info): Writing new file list…
2016-07-20 14:34:50(info): All metadata was present
2016-07-20 14:34:50(info): Transferred 481.244 MB - Average speed: 33.0001 MBit/s
2016-07-20 14:34:50(info): Time taken for backing up client adm-fo-8vm: 3m 14s
2016-07-20 14:34:50(error): Backup failed

But the client computer didn’t go offline. Aside from uninstalling and re-installing the application, any tips?

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hi, im also having this problem any info would be great help thanks

I know this is 3+ years old, but I had this issue and I was able to resolve it. I made sure to re-enable Full Backups for the client (I had previously checked the Disabled checkboxes for full backups, and was only running Incrementals), and ran a Full Backup… that was it. This fixed multiple clients I had with this issue.