New HDD/SSD smaller than original - what happens to the partition?

Hi guys,

I’ve got a general question:
Currently I’m using a new SSD for testing purpose (got stability issues on one PC and I think it’s because of the SSD which might be incompatible) which is 500 GB big.
The SSD, which is normally used, only got 250 GB.

What I’ve noticed today, after restoring the machine from the 250 GB to 500 GB, is that there has been a partition created which was just the 250 GB like before. So I’ve added the unassigned space.

I’m wondering now, what’s going to happen if I revert this change again? What happens when I make a backup of the 500 GB SSD (even if the image is just going to be 30 GB big) and want to restore it to the 250 GB SSD. Will it create a 250 GB Volume? Or is is going to fail anyway?

Does anyone have experience on that?


I think it may will work.
I dont’ use urbackup images on windows. But the way it does images backup is smarter than a simple dd on linux

So i would just try; and report here if it works; and switch the thread to feature request if it doesn’t.
As i understand you already successfully tested restore on a larger hd and have a free smaller hd, so it s not a big risk to just try.