New Feature (per client script and local)


I know there is a prefilebackup.bat and postfilebackup.bat script that runs automatically if present which is quite helpful I use it quite a lot to stop and start certain database services etc… that don’t support VSS to insure backups work correctly as well as post backup notification emails but it would be quite helpful if from the web interface it was possible to edit these files on a per client basis.

also for internet only backup setups it would be quite helpful if there could be a local store setup for file and VHD backups especially when backing up servers remotely so in the event of data loss whithout hardware issues files can be quickly restored without the need to download over the internet it would also in my opinion make Urbackup the complete solution. currently I’m making use of on premises backup tools to preform these actions but it would be nice to be able to manage all backups from one web interface

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If the contents of any of the scripts is configurable from the backup server this would introduce a single point of failure. An attacker could hack into the backup server, configure the prefilebackup.bat to del /Q C:\* and then delete all the backups on the server… total data loss.
So the scripts would have to be signed, like the client update is.

Local backups: A raspberry 2 that runs UrBackup (albeit slowly) is like 35$. And using that various crypto-trojans cannot encrypt backups because they are kepts separate.