New backup jobs - prioritize clients without current backup done


When server can’t catch up with current jobs on busier hours (like many desktops clients powered on working day) I would love to see new backups start for clients that has least backup done recently.

Currently server pick new job from pool of every client that is ready for next backup. Sometimes some clients has backup every default 5 hours, when others can stay behind for 2-3 days. Happens, when you limit simultaneous backups to value you can really handle - setting 100 jobs with BTRFS on HDD isn’t good idea.

That should be no more than one line change in code, doesn’t need to be configurable. I don’t see negative impact from that improvement.

There was similar request 4 years ago, but much harder to accomplish - with predictive start of different clients.

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I would like to add to this.

Maybe a priority level on clients instead. 1-10

I can see problems with the above method. Imagine you have a setup working for months, then you add new clients. The new clients will always have higher prio over all others since they have less made backups.


I meant to prioritize clients, that wasn’t backed up for longest time, not the one with least number of backups. But priority level isn’t a bad idea too (needs more coding tho).

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Sounds like a good idea