New backup clients not reloading new exclude rules. Any way to force?

Here’s the sequence of events:

  1. Create new client in server
  2. Download and install pre-configured client
  3. Initial backup starts
  4. I stop backup from server under Activities tab. Add exclusions (to remove files not needed for backup).
  5. Backup restarts at some point, and is not reading new exclusion rules. Continues backing up with old backup set.

I’ve tried restarting machine, restarting service.

Is there a way to force the client to re-load backup set from the server before the first backup completes?
Client status is: resume_full_file when it resumes first backup.

If you can, don’t allow the client to change settings if you change exlusion rules on the server and not on the client.

that doesn’t solve the question asked. i ran into the same issue recently. once the ‘allow client to change’ settings flag is disabled, the server should force a flush of the client’s configurations in favour of those set at the server end

I have taken to putting standard client in a group that has the “Allow client-side changing of settings:” not checked so that shouldn’t be the issue (but I’ll try and confirm next time I encounter the problem).


Between step 4 and 5 I am remembering to move the newly added client into the group.

I haven’t seen the problem recently, my standard workflow must somehow be working around the issue I was previously seeing.