Network Wide Issues

I have 3 windows clients and the omv/urbackup server running image backups (every 30 days or so staggered amongst the clients) and file backups (every 7 days or so staggered amongst the client).

But whenever one of the clients is doing its backup, I start having other devices on the network like ipad, pi/amp device or phone just disconnecting from the internet (i.e. its connected to the network but internet does not work for these devices). Then when the backup has finished it seems to come back eventually.

I have ethernet cabled everywhere in the house, so 70-80% of the traffic is going via ethernet. I imagine urbackup is using bandwith but I am surprised that it would start killing of my internet. Has anyone else had these issues?

I haven’t had these issues, though I do have one client which goes offline & requires a reboot unless I throttle bandwidth for it (a NIC driver issue), but things to try:

  • Reboot your router & any network switches
  • Try throttling back the bandwidth in settings
  • Dig in & investigate properly with tools such as Wireshark
    Hopefully you don’t need to go as far as item 3

I’ve done that numerous times - rebooting router/switches/devices. Even reset the router but it still not helping. I have tried to use Wireshark but it was way too complicated for me.

Regarding throttling back the bandwidth settings, can you elaborate further how/why throttle back?

On the “Settings” -> “General” -> “Server” tab find the setting “Total max backup speed for local network” near the bottom of the page. You use this set a maximum usage of network traffic by backups.

You may have a network component that does not support full utilization of agregate link speeds. One full speed connection could be saturating a switch blocking other traffic.

ok thanks, i founf the setting but it is blank, so not sure what figure to put in this setting - any suggestions please?

See, the Administration Manual for details on valid entries, but I use “80%”. I would also recommend setting “Max backup speed for local network” under the client tab. This covers scenarios where the client’s link speed is lower than the servers (like wifi).

The recommended speed depends on the speed of ethernet in your house. I would do the following: Look at how fast the traffic normally goes during backup (ideally use something like iftop on the server, but you can see the speed of each individual Windows client in their task manager). Then set the speed at something really low, like 10 % of the original speed. Confirm that the problem goes away and if it does, you can try speeding things up until you find the threshold where it starts causing problems again.