Need to move my database folder to another partition on a Windows Server installation

Hi all!

I’ve been running urbackup on my WinSrv2019 for 2 years and the DB files are getting to heavy and i’m running out of space on my OS partition. Any cleanup I could make to reduce these file size? Or can I just move them to my data partition?

Are you talking about the files under “C:\Program Files\UrBackupServer” ?

You could try running cleanup_database.bat & possibly defrag_database.bat to see what effect those had.

For me it’s C:\Program Files\UrBackupServer\urbackup

Just did and unfortunately it only removed some MB.

I noticed you’re referring to partitions rather than separate drives, how about firing up disk management (or gparted live) & resizing things so there’s room? You might need gparted thinking about it, for the shift partition to right operation after you shrink the data partition so you can grow the OS one… the shift operation will be slow as all get-out.

Ideally I think in your situation I’d clone the OS to an SSD that’s big enough, nuke the original OS & related hidden partition(s) & turn the data partition into a data drive, potentially quite complex if other things besides UrBackup are using that data partition & unfortunately the tools I’d choose to do that with aren’t free for server OS variants, though doubtless there are free tools that would do it.

This is why I never slice disks up anymore, it almost guarantees you guess the split wrong & start running short of space in one or the other partition. Upsizing entire disks is always easier.

Delete tons of old backups would shrink the database too.

I don’t know of any real way to shrink meaningful data within the Program Files folder for UrBackup.

What size is your C: drive?

I just looked at several local and customer UrBackupServer folders, and they range from 4GB to 10GB in the environments that I manage.

I recommend C: drives of 500GB min (200GB min for VMs) for Windows systems

Yeah I said partition but it’s different drives.
It is installed on a “Storage VPS” , with a 30gb pre-installed Win2019 partition, and a 2TB empty data partition. I don’t think I can ask the vps provider to add storage to my main part.

Well you could try shutting down the UrBackup service, moving the database files & then using MKLINK to create symbolic or hard links from where they were to where they are, it’ll either work & UrBackup will be happy, or you’ll have to revert the change.

You could also try uninstalling & reinstalling the server, maybe it’ll let you install to the other partition instead of C:\Program Files\ … Then you’d have to load the database into the new install.

I’ve no idea if either will work, but those are things I might try in such a situation.

It’d rather defeat the purpose of the nightly database backup if they end up on the same drive but shrug it’s your data.

You might want to read the terms of said VPS provider’s offerings before doing such things in case something there prohibits it. If it does then it’s time for a new provider without such a restricted space for your OS.

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Thx for advice!