Need to configured windows 2003 server as a Client

Good morning,

I have to backup several windows server as client in UrBackup. One of them is Windows 2003 Server, I had installed 1.4.11 client version downloading the file but I have to setup with the password server and so on. The logs says “Authentication failed in InternetServiceConnector::ReceivePackets: Unknown client (filemaker10)” I do not know where to get the server password for that client or how to connect.
The other servers are connected properly.
I would appreciated any help!!!

If I understood you correctly, you need the Internet backup key. Then go to Settings, select client and go to Internet tab. The filed I colored out with blue.

Hi regstaer,

I used that method with those clients which I download the file from the same server. In this case the hostname that not appear in the client tab to see the password.

As you can see in the image there is a computer with the hostname filemaker10


I have checked all log that I found to see any password or something to connect the client.

Right. I see on the first screenshot that there is no connection with host filemaker10. Have you checked if there is firewall on it, other network issues? You can also try to delete filemaker10 and add it again with IP instead of hostname.
And why do you use old client version? 2.3.4 do not work with windows 2003? you can also try to search for 2.0.x versions installers

There is no firewall. And I have created new client with the IP address. I telnet with ip and ports and both devices are communicated each other.

I think the problem is with the password , as you can see in the image above.

Well, ok. Why do you use internet backup mode?! The IP is within private range, so I assume you do not need internet server. You can safely uncheck “permitir copias por internet”

And what about the rest? “And why do you use old client version? 2.3.4 do not work with windows 2003? you can also try to search for 2.0.x versions installers”

i have tried to install 2.x version but it is uncompatible with 2003. So I have to installed 1.4 version.
The other servers have 2.x and working fine.

Honestly the only possible reason I see here is that client version is not compatible with your server version. Since some time they stopped publishing backward compatibility information. I think you should consider downgrade server to some earlier verision. At least 2.0.x was compatible with 1.4.x clients.
You need to post your current server version and we should wait for Uroni to reply here.

Now it seems to work. I have to use internet option. Was a silly issue.

Thank you regstaer for you time.

Can you please detail your solution here?

I had to use the internet way

And then you can see the authentication for that client:


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