Need to change server IP in the local LAN

I set up my Urbackup Server (Docker image) in my old home network. Now I set up VLANs for clients and server.
Due to this, the IP of the urbackup server and the clients changed.
I don’t want to loose the old backups or start from scratch, as just the IPs changed.
I already changed the server IP back to the legacy IP. Clients (Windows and Linux) are in the new VLANs.
Is there a way that I can re-connect clients and server? Pushing all back to the legacy VLAN is possible, if I can then change the settings and perform the move to new network segments in the correct way.

Until now I use the IP for the server. Can I also use the hostname as destination, e.g. use to urbackup.lan?

My current version: UrBackup 2.4.13


Hi, I’m not sure I’m understanding this right, but if the server and clients on the same vlans, the backup should work after the IP change, If they are on the different vlans, you should use internet backup mode.
There is a way, to switch between backup modes in a client configuration.
Enable internet mode, Connect to Internet backup server if connected to local backup server, internet only, etc.